Continuity, Relationships and Trust in Healthcare Essential to Ensure Patient Safety

(Originally shared by PIPSQC)

While vacationing recently, I was enjoying a quiet morning in the sun reading USA TODAY when a particular headline in the Sports Section grabbed my attention:

NASCAR needs its own team of traveling doctors

I read on . . . :

“But he never got a chance to race because NASCAR parked him for medical reasons after he was seen on two separate occasions by doctors at the speedway – doctors who lacked the kind of familiarity with Hamlin that a personal care physician could provide.”

“If NASCAR is going to empower a medical professional to make decisions about whether a driver can race, it should be someone the driver already has a relationship with.”

“NASCAR says safety is a top priority. . . . consistent medical staff would be good . . . . The drivers need to know that, if they seek treatment, they’ll receive care and guidance from a trusted doctor.”

“There’s a big difference in seeing a doctor for the first time and visiting your regular physician – not only a sense of familiarity but a comfort in knowing the person understands your history.”

Of course I wondered . . . :



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