A New Pathway and The Book

After many months of soul searching and discussions with my family, back in early June I notified my boss that I would be leaving the National Institute for Children’s Health Quality (NICHQ … an amazing organization improving the health of children throughout the country.)

My passion is the creation of healthcare models where relationship centered and compassionate care is provided with a keen focus on patient safety, caring, and outcomes.

And for a number of years people have asked me to write a book (most recently as I was being interviewed for a book on leadership the author stopped the interview and said “you must write your book”).

So long story short I have decided to focus the next few months (beginning in August) on writing my book (draft title: “From Heart to Head and Back Again … a journey through the healthcare system”). I will also continue to speak nationally, serve on boards, and consult and yet intention is to truly focus on the book.

I am both excited and a wee bit anxious. But mostly excited. 😊

Will be sure to keep folks updated via this blog and other social media outlets.

My family and I are looking forward to partaking in this new adventure together and if you are in the mind and heart to do so would also appreciate your prayers as we follow this new path.

With much gratitude


NEXT: The writing begins …



  1. Tom, all the best to you on your journey. An offer if you are interested — I have been a technical editor in a previous career and still serve as one for the Baldrige program and other programs. I would be happy to provide some editorial services to you as a professional courtesy. Kay Kendall

    • Hi Kay –

      What a wonderful and generous offer. Thank you so very much. As things progress I will be sure to reach out so that we can discuss further.

      With much gratitude…


  2. My best to you Tom. I can’t wait to read the book. Can I pre-order it yet?? Seriously though, I know it will be wonderful, as you writing and wisdom are superb!

  3. Tom,
    Much success to you in this new journey! I am at your service for proofreading at any time.
    Many blessings,

  4. Dear Tom, I too look forward to hearing more about your journey. Let me know if I can assist you in any way. After 10 years of writing, my first novel The End of Healing was recently published, and like the book you envision, it is also a journey story through the healthcare system. If my experience would be of any help to you let me know. It would be good to support a fellow author on the journey toward health system improvement.

    Best regards, Jim

    • Dear Jim,
      Thank you so very much for reaching out and for such a kind offer of support. I will be purchasing “The End of Healing” and will look forward to reading and learning from your experience. With much gratitude … Tom

  5. Dear Jim,

    Thank you again for your support. I ordered your book “The End of Healing” today and very much look forward to reading and learning and ideally perhaps a call down the road as we each continue our journey.

    With gratitude …


  6. Tom! I got to this today through you posting an update on Linkedin of languages. I am so happy to read about your move and I am so excited for you, your family, and healthcare! I know it takes a lot of courage to make this move. Good for you for listening to your heart, validating it with your head and the support of others, and acting back out of your heart! I look forward to engaging with your more over the coming years. No prayers needed. Your prayer have been answered and your will receive all the support you need as this move align’s with your Soul’s mission as you know. Congratulations!
    Best – Pat

    • Thank you so very much, Laura. Means so much … especially as I learn more about you and your passion and talent for writing through “When you soul speaks” on FaceBook and “Warrior Love, a journal to inspire your fiercely alive whole self” and continued sharing.

      Thank you for being such an inspiration and leader in this space.


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