The writing begins …

After much negotiating, planning, praying … many discussions, consultations, and more praying … the actual writing of the book “From Heart to Head and Back Again … My Journey Through the Healthcare System” began this past week.

And already I have learned much about the writing process, the business side of writing, the “appropriate” number of words per page, per writing session, per novel, etc., the joy of following one’s passion, the fear of failure, the excitement of unleashing creativity, the complexity of managing time in this new environment, and about myself.

I have also received much love, encouragement, and support from so many.

Living in one’s head is not new to me. And yet already I am finding myself even more so (if that is even possible) living there and now struggling to step outside of this space to engage and communicate with others, and especially those people I most care about.

My passion to continue to serve others while also striving to improve the health care system and to do so daily and tangibly also remains very strong. And finding the balance which allows for honoring this desire while also maintaining focus on the book is currently a growing edge and a process that I need to manage mindfully.

Already the guilt of finding this balance weighs heavy on my mind and in my heart and in my soul and I request understanding and forgiveness as I continue to learn and grow in this space.

I have much appreciation for so many who have offered and/or provided help, support, encouragement and wisdom.  The outpouring is truly humbling.

The sacrifice my family is making as I pursue this passion and endeavor to make a difference in the world through the narrative in my heart … my God … I love you with all my heart and all my soul.

As you can tell, I am learning and feeling much, from great love and appreciation to intense vulnerability and everything in between.

Writing is a process.

Personal growth is a process.

Life is a process.

With much gratitude for all … the writing journey continues …

NEXT: The writing journey continues …



  1. Your openness about your experience is, as is often the case with you, inspiring and brave. Thank you for sharing and for giving others the permission to feel and share how they feel. No doubt this will make your book a hit! My unasked for advice is DON’T EDIT AT ALL as you write. It’s your heart and soul that matter, editors are paid to do the rest.

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