As we too heal

My daughter Samantha is an amazing young woman who is “Learning how to be the best human being I can be and hoping to inspire others along the way.”

And in case you missed it earlier this week …

She has a wonderful website and recently asked me to contribute a blog post with the instructions “please write something that will touch people … that will impact people as young as those in High School as well as those people who you work with every day.”

What I heard was, “help me inspire”. And that is what I sought to do (as I thought about how much I love my daughter and how much I do so respect how Samantha always seeks to inspire others.)

Serendipitously, just before I sat down to put “pen to paper”,  I was blessed to have a discussion with an individual who inspired me greatly as he shared his story of facing and overcoming challenges (challenges no one should ever have to face) and then turning his experience into a fuel and a love to benefit others.

And thus I penned “As we too heal” to both help Sammy inspire others (as she and this individual inspired me) and to share with you all the amazing ways we can each impact others every day.

I hope you enjoy.

As we too heal


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