The writing journey continues …

The writing journey continues and thus the writing continues.

45,000+ words penned in 23 days for an average of 1,970 words per day.

56 percent of the way toward the word count of a “typical” novel in this space.

But is this to be a “typical” novel?

I hope not.

I truly believe that to profoundly change the healthcare system “typical” is not good enough.

The bar is set high as clinicians, patients, families, friends and communities are being harmed every day due to the brokenness of the healthcare system.

And we must do better.

So each day as I share my heart, as I share my soul, as I share my story, I ask myself … is this the right message and will it make a difference?

I hope so.

Yes, the writing journey continues and thus the writing continues.

“From Heart to Head and Back Again … a journey through the healthcare system”

NEXT: The writing connection …



    • Hi Laura,

      Thank you for your comment and request for more information.

      As I noted in the post “A New Pathway and The Book” …


      … I decided to leave my leadership position with a wonderful organization (the National Institute for Children’s Health Quality) in order to focus on the book “From Heart to Head and Back Again … a journey through the healthcare system”.

      Having essentially grown up in the healthcare system (both as a patient and eventually as a healthcare leader) the goal is to share my personal experiences and findings ideally in a compelling story format in order to touch people’s hearts and minds as together we seek to fan the flames of what is already working within the healthcare system while also improving upon where the system is broken.

      Clinicians, patients, friends, families, and communities are currently being harmed greatly within the system and we have great opportunity to make a difference.

      Years ago when I became ill and was told I would never work again I saw both greatness in the system and great flaws.

      As a healthcare leader I have seen the same.

      Through my writing I intend to highlight each and set us on a journey in which we can be of service to one another, ensure we keep one another out of harm’s way, position one another for optimal healing, and allow for us all to die with dignity and according to our preferences.

      We have much to do and together we can make great strides.

      Hopefully this book will compel and be a catalyst for change be it a ripple or a wave. Be it a mass movement or one heart being changed (HEARTchange) in order to create a healthCARING model.

      Humbly I share and serve.

      Thank you again for your interest.

      With gratitude…


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