In All Fairness – Putting a Face on Health Disparities

As part of the most recent Hanley Health Equity Advisory Council meeting we accessed the “In All Fairness – Putting a Face on Health Disparities” tools.

[Follow the link above and click on each of the two short videos — and for the facilitator’s discussion guide please click here]

The real-world videos are truly powerful, inspiring, and make note of a number of areas where we must focus to address health inequities.

The videos also highlight for me some universal improvements required to not only address these health inequities but also improve care for all of our patients, families and communities.

From my perspective these improvements include the creation of what I would term a healthCARING model which:

  • allows for ample time for patients and clinicians to develop an authentic relationship;
  • allows for continuity over time for this authentic relationship to evolve;
  • positions clinicians and staff to be whole and well-positioned to be of service to their patients;
  • creates a safe space for trust to blossom and whole stories to be shared and truly heard;
  • allows for tools such as emotional intelligence, motivational interviewing, active listening, cultural competency, as well as technology to be leveraged to optimize connection, communication, and care provision;
  • and, which positions patients and clinicians to co-create an optimal care pathway aligned with the patient’s preferences and needs.

In other words … brings relationship and compassion back into healing to address health inequities and improve care for all.

Please take a few minutes to watch the videos and review the facilitator guide. These resources are there for you.

And once you have had a chance to process this information feel free to reach out to me directly to share your thoughts, what gets highlighted for you, and any other feedback you might have.  I will be happy to share this information with the Council.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.


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