Reflecting on the Patient Family Advisor (PFA) Panel at the 2015 PFCC Partners Conference

As a few days have passed since I was honored to facilitate the Patient Family Advisor (PFA) Panel at the wonderful PFCC Partners Conference I have had a chance to reflect and wanted to share.

Libby Hoy is the Founder and CEO of PFCC Partners – She is incredible and such an inspiration. What she (and her team) have done to call attention to, set a vision for, be in action, and serve and lead others in engaging patients and families to improve healthcare is truly extraordinary. Her passion, wisdom, skill, and heart drive change and inspire others to continue to expand this important mission. She is amazing.

Our PFA panelists Bev Uipi, Santiago Ortega, Sharon Sognalian, Chuck Sammis, and Mark Oliver – My gosh … hearing their stories as we prepared for the panel, during the panel discussion, and after the panel, and what they do each day to be of service to others has truly humbled me. They are “of service” each and every day. A blessing to all they encounter…

Bev – Her passion and wisdom specific to cultural competency (and more of course) is so brilliant and with great expansive impact potential.

Chuck – Who says he is new to this space is bringing “Lean” in as a tool and along with his ability to connect and engage and tell stories … incredible.

Sharon – She is so genuine, with such “on the ground” nuggets of wisdom from both head and heart. Also so courageous. Even though nervous Sharon stepped into this new forum and touched many.

Santiago – His ability to connect with all he meets, his ability to relate to all he engages, his ability to share who he is innately and how he has overcome to now lead and be of service. So special. So heartening.

And Mark – Who had to miss the panel and yet … and yet we were able to include some of his vast wisdom in our panel discussion so although physically he was not with us … his message still impacted others.

The healthcare system has many flames of goodness in which we must continue to fan. Each of these people are examples of those flames of goodness as each and every day they serve and make a difference in the lives of others.

I was truly so very blessed to have the opportunity to learn and share with these extraordinary servant leaders.


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