End-of-Life Care and Planning Project

Health Leadership Development (HLD) Practicum Project — Focus Area: End-of-Life Care and Planning

Although more than 90 percent of Americans think that it is important to talk about their and their loved ones’ end-of-life care wishes, fewer than 30 percent have had that conversation.

Conversations in the community about the importance of end-of-life planning can improve the likelihood that individuals will receive the care they want around the time of their death.

Focused community efforts to raise awareness about the importance of advance care planning and to provide tools to assist community members in having ‘the conversation’ can increase the number of people who have clear advance directives.

Some communities in Maine have sponsored efforts to ‘have the conversation’ in their community with varied responses.

  • The practicum project group will learn more about how communities in Maine and elsewhere have promoted a community-wide discussion of end-of-life planning. Based on that exploration, the group will document promising practices and strategies that have yielded strong community engagement.  They will also explore a community (geographic or a specific population) where a pilot of the plan could be implemented.
  • Outcome: The practicum group will develop a plan or toolkit to assist a community in planning a community-wide discussion of end-of-life planning.  The process should include a process for gathering input from stakeholders either in the process of gathering the recommendations or with individuals/organizations that may be involved in the implementation.*

* Kathy Vezina

I very much looking forward to supporting the practicum project group as the healthcare consultant.

For more information about the Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership please follow the follow LINK

For more information about the Health Leadership Development (HLD) program please follow the follow LINK

I will be sure to share updates as this important project moves forward.


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