Heart in bay eight?
Knee in room five?
Don’t you know who I am?
Don’t you know I’m alive?

Look at me I pray
Gaze up from your PC’s
Afraid and scared I be this day
My heart breaking, down on my knees

I see you are pressed
Rushed and chagrined
Please help me, so stressed
Stop the whirlwind

Lost your soul for healing
Broken system impacts all
I understand your feeling
Passing patients around like a ball

Patient harm as you juggle
A third will be hurt
We ache as you struggle
Our eyes can’t avert

Together we must fix
Fanning the flames of care
No more mortar no bricks
Our hearts loaded to bear

Shining light in the darkness
Collaborate and adapt
Serve together and harness
With our love we will craft

Our community we honor
Arising in glory giving
Each patient voice donor
All in service forgiving

We will improve care
Boldy not fearing
A heartCHANGE we will dare
Together birthing healthCARING


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