The physicality of writing

They say (at least I believe I heard it somewhere) writing & editing is not a contact sport.

160321 rugby

I would beg to differ.

Since the intense and productive writing & editing retreat a week ago my mind has been churning with possibility and more.

And the energy that was being generated through this processing needed, a pathway for discovery yes, but also a reconnection.

Much of what we think and feel manifests physically within our own physical bodies.

160321 intuitive-energy-healing-300x252

And as much as I intended to focus on the thought processes of the writing journey … my body was telling me in no uncertain terms that my physicality required attention as well.

So yes … I am consistent in my physical training, and being a major ‘I’ (introvert in MBTI terminology) I tend to train in seclusion (even within a bustling fitness facility). Cardio training, weight training, cross training, HIIT, agility work, core all tend to be sole propositions while my BJJ and MMA work (when actively participating in) tends to be one on one.

160321 golpesdejiujitsu

But this was different.

Living in my head so much with writing the book, blogs, research papers, poetry, and more … my body was begging for true reconnection to the rest of me … and to do so in a community and on a team.

An opportunity to move the writing and editing forward by reconnecting with my physical self as my mind rests was birthed.


Yesterday I listened to my body.

160321 workout3

Yesterday I reconnected with my self in a deeper and different way.

160321 workout2

Yesterday I wrote and edited by engaging in sport.

Yesterday this ‘I’ engaged on teams and in play.

160321 baskeball playing

And yesterday my book took three steps forward.

Today I have the breaks, bumps and bruises.

160321 fingers

Today it is difficult to physically type this post.

Today I will be seeing my chiropractor and connecting with my body in another different way.

160321 chiropractor chair

And tomorrow … the next phase of the writing journey continues … this time with mind and body in unity and at peace.

160321 so-long-as-we-are-in-conflict-with-our-body-we-cannot-find-peace-of-mind-quote-1

NEXT: The writing evolution…



  1. Nice! Well, as some persons have said “rub a bit of dirt on it” and continue this great journey! Seriously, enjoyed post by my #2! Dad

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