Painfully standing tall

With the fact that we all learn differently at top of mind … I have crafted the poem Painfully standing tall for all those people feeling alone and marginalized as they try to turn the tide and heal the broken healthcare system.


Alone in humanity
Harm finding all
Power wielding parity
Painfully standing tall

Questioned attempt to join the base
Is it possible to win this race
With a shadow covered face
And ones heart in full disgrace

Staying the course with the few
So much fully still askew
Owe it to the harmed and hurt
Regrets be damned no divert

Follow you cannot do
Lead you must
Fixing systems overdue
Together trust

Vulnerable and open
Facing powers that be
In action not hoping
Of service to thee

Time to arise
Mind and heart
Care for despised
Do our part

160301 Heart stethoscope

Please know … you are not alone.

There are many amazing, smart, heart-centered, caring people inside and outside of the healthcare system who share your passion, your fear, your highs and your lows … all striving to help others and improve the system for all.

Don’t be discouraged. Have faith. And if you ever need a place to turn … just let me know.

There are many flames of goodness all around us … together we can fan them (support one another) and benefit many.

160412 candle_Candle_light_2019

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