Parents held

With the fact that we all learn differently at top of mind …

I have crafted the poem Parents Held for patients and families, doctors and nurses, and all who are mourning loss and seeking comfort within the healthcare system.



Bassinet empty, baby cradled, tears flow

Parents mourn, seek comfort, feel old

Story told, clinicians listen, pain shared

Parents held, all whole, clinicians cared


There are many compassionate, heart-centered, brilliant doctors and nurses and others throughout the healthcare system.

Let’s ensure we position each to honor their calling to care compassionately for all those they serve.

Together we can ensure healthCARING for all.

One comment

  1. Tell that to the CEO’s, Hospital Board members, Insurance Companies, office managers. A fifteen-minute visit per patient is unlikely to allow any physician to listen long enough to show genuine compassion, especially because he/she will be standing behind a computer and filling in enough sections to be able to develop the high-yield bill the above-mentioned individuals demand.

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