Thriving in a Changing Environment

Watch as my friend Christina Bethell, PhD, Professor, Director, Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, presents the brilliant talk “Thriving in a Changing Environment” at childx “Designing Solutions for Maternal and Infant Health” sponsored by …


160623 standord medicine


This is a brilliant talk highlighting …

  • the impact of ACEs (adverse childhood events) on child health
  • the power of relationships (family, friends, peers) on child health
  • the importance of truly personalized medicine
  • the power of a coherent narrative
  • the healing power of giving
  • resiliency, flourishing, and so much more

… and the science associated and data supporting each.


Here is the link to this powerful, informative, and inspiring talk:



Presented by

Christina Bethell, PhD


Lastly, as a writer and a poet, I will note the power of the poetry shared within this talk and recommend that as you listen you also allow the prose to touch your heart, mind, and soul.


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