18 Experts Predict How Technology Will Transform Healthcare

Join me and 17 other experts as we Predict How Technology Will Transform Healthcare

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From the piece:

Collaboration through Technology

Thomas Dahlborg @tdahlborg

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“There is a very important place for technology in the future of healthcare… when incorporated mindfully.

When technology becomes the ‘solution’ doctors and nurses and patients and families get lost and great harm is likely. When technology is incorporated as part of a co-created care path and with the intention to enhance and improve the relationship between patients, families and clinicians, each stakeholder will be honored and whole and the technological tool will be best aligned to support the healing journey.”




About: Thomas is the President of the Dahlborg Healthcare Leadership Group with over 30 years of extensive leadership experience in building relationship centered, patient-and-family focused, empathetic, compassionate care models. Learn more about Thomas on his site.


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