Servant Leadership – 10 Convincing Reasons

10 Convincing Reasons to Consider Servant Leadership, According to Research via Inc.

Servant leadership is a powerhouse leadership style that will transform your culture and impact your bottom line. Here are 10 convincing reasons to consider it.

170225-marcelschwantesauthorphoto_79607 By Marcel Schwantes, Principal and founder, Leadership From the Core

In all my research to find the most remarkable leadership style that impacts both people and profit, I have concluded that nothing can match “servant leadership.”

5 of the 10 key reasons for Servant Leadership from the article:

  1. Organizational effectiveness is high.
  2. Servant leadership leads to more helping and creative employees.
  3. Cleveland Clinic Study – increased employee engagement and overall patient satisfaction.
  4. Successful organizations operate as servant leader cultures (including U.S. Marine Corps, Southwest Airlines, Starbucks and more).
  5. Servant leadership companies outperformed Good to Great companies.

Read the rest of the story and the 5 additional key reasons for Servant Leadership HERE


Lead and Serve and Love
All ways

~ TD

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