Honoring veterans as we do our flag

This past weekend, I was blessed to support my bride as we celebrated the life of her dad, a Korean War veteran.

And as the flag folding ceremony took place we were all deeply moved and inspired …


And yet, as I have continued to process the power, the focus, and the dedication of this ceremony, and the care taken for the flag and for the deceased soldier …

… both essential and important …

I find myself thinking more and more about the disservice and harm our current military healthcare system is doing to our veterans and how the same power, focus, dedication, and care we show to our flag and our deceased soldiers is not shown to living veterans  in need and seeking care.

Please note, as a former COO of a military healthcare organization, I have seen many dedicated servant leaders caring greatly and dedicating heart, mind, and soul to those who served our country, but there still remains way too many being harmed greatly.

My plea to all today …

  • It is time to refocus, to lead, and to serve.
  • It is time to rectify the ailing military system so that we too will look on and be deeply moved and inspired in how we care for and care about all those who sacrificed so very much for each of us (just as we are when we watch the flag folding ceremony).
  • Most importantly, it is time to provide the same care, dedication, and reverence for our living soldiers and veterans (and their families) as we do for our flag and our deceased heroes.
  • It is time to care for veterans as we do our flag.
  • It is time to care again.



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