The Heart is a Muscle

Katie Weeks is a heart-centered, brilliant young woman. A scholar (and future architect) and an athlete. And as you will see … full of much wisdom.

The following was shared on Facebook today by her mother, Annmarie (a classmate of mine from back in the day in Brockton, MA). And with permission from both Katie and Annmarie, I am pleased to share …

Discussion of vegetarianism with Katie, who is writing a paper on the subject.

Conversation turns to those who are vegetarians.

Jeff [Katie’s father] is skeptical of certain boxers, body builders, etc. being vegetarians while at the height of their careers.

Katie: “And Mr. Rogers was”.

Jeff: “Well, that I can believe. He wasn’t really known for his muscle mass.”

Katie: “What do you mean? The HEART is a muscle!”

What a beautiful message and lesson for all of us, Katie.

Let’s all work toward optimal health …

… and as we do …

… let’s be sure to exercise our HEART muscle through kindness and compassion for self and others, in service to our communities, and always and all ways with great love. (As Mr. Rogers taught us so long ago).

Thank you for the terrific reminder, Katie.


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