Stories essential for optimal healthCARING

Relationship is essential for an optimal healing (or dying) journey.

Relationship allows for Trust to develop.

And together they allow for the creation of a Safe Place and a Safe Space for patients and families to share their Story.

Stories are powerful.

And stories often contain the nugget(s) of wisdom essential for optimal care. The nugget that is often missed as healthcare becomes more and more a transactional interaction rather than a relational engagement.

In “The Circle Way – A Leader in Every Chair” Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea share …

The Four Gifts of Story

1. Story Creates Context – Context is the setting in which experience happens, so that listeners [doctors / nurses] can come into the world of the story and identify with it.
2. Context Creates [evolves] Relationship – We start to care about the situation and what’s happening to the folks in the story.
3. Context and Relationship Create Vicarious Learning – We prepare ourselves for wiser action through imagination, empathy, and discernment.
4. Vicarious Learning Creates Cohesive Action and Expands Consciousness

… and when all Four Gifts are in place, co-creation (shared decision-making) for aligned action based on optimal information is now possible.

There are many innovations in healthcare. Many important. Some essential.

The creation of a healthcare model (healthCARING model) which positions patients and families to tell their story is truly one of the essential ones.


    • Thank you, Irene.

      Means so much coming from you.

      Your book – Stay, Breathe with Me: The Gift of Compassionate Medicine – and philosophy including “… [ease]pain, by embracing the human side of illness, by inviting patients to be full participants in their care, and by incorporating the wisdom of these injured storytellers to guide healing hands” … speaks volumes in this very space.

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