Passion essential fuel to achieving results on the court and in the hospital

170329 Basketball and healthcare

Having …

  • played competitive basketball back in the day when the ‘Church Leagues’ of the East were big,
  • teaching my son and daughters the game,
  •  coaching high school players for many years,
  • and now sponsoring a high school team and taking responsibility for coach selection,

… I remain a student of the game.

[Being named after Tommy Heinsohn of the Boston Celtics my destiny was perhaps already set.]

And as such, I am blessed to receive consistent content from Joe & Jeff Haefner via Breakthrough Basketball.

And it was their latest share — The Secret To Steph Curry’s Crazy Move That Left Steve Kerr Shaking His Head & How To Unleash Your Creativity — that got me thinking today.

First though … Steph’s “crazy” (I would call it amazing) move …

Incredible for sure.

And their key teaching in this piece … “unlock creativity through repetition” … is so pertinent in basketball and in all we do.

Today, I will apply it to healthcare.

Yes, Steph Curry is a brilliant basketball player. And yes, Steph has the passion to be the best. And also yes, Steph has great coaching, utilizes state-of-the-art tools, and practices all aspects of his game consistently. (This is the repetition described in Haefner’s piece.)

And it is all five of these components that drive Steph’s performance and lead to the results we see in the video (and championships) –> Innate ability. Passion. Coaching. Tools. Practice.

And it is this model that aligns so very well with the Studer Group Driving Performance model below.


Each phase of the Driving Performance model is Coached. Each phase is essential. Each phase has a key role in achieving results.

And yet, no amount of coaching without the individual’s passion, willingness to work hard and use prescribed tools, and practice (repetition) will lead to creativity, innovation, and success.

Only together … only all in sync … driven with the fuel of passion will we improve the healthcare system (and an individual’s game).

170329 woman basketball

As a Coach I will do all I can to position you on and off the court for success. It is up to you to leverage the coaching to achieve you and your team’s end goal.

Are you ready?



170329 jump ball



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