Harm comes to many as our focus moves away from the patient and family



Having my ministry in healthCARING for 30+ years what I have learned is …


1.) Each and every ‘innovative’ financial model can be leveraged to do great good and manipulated to do great harm (and everything in between).

2.) There is no financial model silver bullet. (BTW – I love a good financial model).

What there is …

…. ample opportunity for adaptive leaders of high integrity to stop wasting time and resource seeking the panacea of financial models while many continue to be harmed.

… ample opportunity to focus on the patient, family, and community … to focus on the physicians and staff … to focus on our ‘WHY‘ … to focus on our Mission as we live our values … and together laser our focus on evolving the healthCARE model (not just the financial model).

… ample opportunity to leverage the collective brain trust, the energy and the resource currently ‘innovating’ payment (yes it is sexy and quite frankly fairly easy to do in context) and turn the attention toward those who need us most.

Too many are being harmed as we play Captain Ahab chasing the elusive white whale of financial models.

170421 Moby Dick2



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