A model of servant leadership …

170424 Fr Greg Boyle

An interview with Father Greg Boyle by

Excerpts from this terrific piece:

“You stand with the disposable so that the day will come when we stop throwing people away. When you’re doing that, your life is just rich.”

“If the task is to save people, you’re going to be depleted. But if the task is to savor people, then you’re completely plugged in all the time.”

“There was a young woman named Nelly who I’ve known for a long time and she’s suffered greatly. Her resume reads: Prostitute, gang member, drug addict, felon, parolee, prisoner. She’s suffered that particular suffering of a mother whose kids have been taken from her and are raised by strangers. She grew up in torture, terror, violence, and abandonment. The truth is …”





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