End of life lessons from the littlest of us all

What is the old saying about Monday Morning Quarterbacking?

170514 MMQ

And the saying about the View from the  Cheap seats?

170514 cheap seats

Confession … that was me until a sweet little creature came into my  life.

You see … this fur covered creation of God reminded me of the importance of understanding and honoring what’s important to the individual at the end of their life … the platinum rule … and NOT (in this case) using heroic measures when what is best is to simply allow the natural dying process to take place.

170514 fur girls

This little blessing made me realize that I talked a good game about care at end of life. But when the time came to put into action all I reportedly believe … I failed.

When the time came for my daughter’s precious and beloved pet to pass … I did reach out to the experts, I did listen, and I did follow instructions.

And I did try heroic measures to try to save this fur ball of love.

And what happened?

What happened was I caused harm.

One of God’s creatures spent many of her final breaths being force fed Pedialyte® in a last ditch effort to save her life.

This scared, fragile creature was not cherished and loved as she followed nature’s course in comfort and peace and near her sister. Rather she was held, twisted (her body manipulated) as I tried to save her.

And I was wrong.

Thank you my blessed little critter for the lesson, for the reminder, for instilling humility in me, and for reminding me what compassion and compassionate care truly looks like … in animal care AND in healthcare.

170514 Angel fur girl

I am so sorry I let you down my angel.

With all my heart and soul I commit to do better.


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