Recruiting heart for optimal impact

To improve culture always prioritize heart over talent when building your team

The Big Kid and Basketball

170526 FeerlessCoachAs a way to get us started today, I am sharing excerpts from the terrific piece “An Open Letter to the Athlete We Must Stop Recruiting” written by Becky Carlson, D-I NCAA Coach and Founder of The Fearless Coach.

So many lessons. So much wisdom shared.

Be sure to read the entire article HERE.

170526 FeerlessCoaching

Target audience: athletes, future athletes, parents, coaches, boosters, school administrators.


After observing only a few minutes of the team warm-up, I noted that you were clearly the most gifted on your squad. However, your talent was unfortunately overshadowed by the lack of energy and effort you displayed. 

In the second half, when you scored I noticed you waited for the other players to huddle around you and celebrate. In contrast, when a teammate scored, you retreated to your position without acknowledging or congratulating them.

You added much depth in the scoring category with some impressive runs but when you…

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