“The heart of healthcare”


Here at Studer Group we have instilled within our culture of engagement a “pay it forward” tactic allowing each of us to honor one another in a mindful and heartful way … using Giving Keys.

I have witnessed these gifts being shared to honor hard work, teamness, compassion, respect, integrity and so many other virtues aligned with our values and manifested by our people … and it is both powerful and impactful.

Each giving and receiving story inspires.

And today I humbly share my own story …

A colleague approached me this morning just prior to the start of day 3 of the inspiring Studer Group What’s Right in Health Care® conference here in Chicago and shared the following:

Tom, I want you to have my passion key. You see, with your passion, with who you are, you are the heart of healthcare.

170803 Passion-Key

And as I shared with our President, Debbie Ritchie, who brought giving keys to Studer Group …

“I have written and talked about heart, heartfulness, heart-centered leadership for years. I have tried to honor and live and lead with heart-centeredness (failing forward often). And yet, it was this morning, receiving this passion giving key that … well, let’s just say I am still processing the meaning.”


It has taken me a day or so to process the meaning of this gift, and I have arrived at a conclusion.

This gift is meant for each and every leader who each and every day leads with passion and with heart. It is about all who are courageously vulnerable to open their hearts and their minds to one another, to possibility, to the mission as they live their values. It is for those who fan the flame of goodness — the What’s Right in Health Care (as we at Studer Group would say) — while teaming with purpose to make a difference for others (and especially the most vulnerable).

This gift is for all those who connect at a heart level to lead and serve and love others … in healthcare and beyond. All those who do not allow EGO to Edge God Out.

Bless all those who connect and lead with their hearts. And those who are struggling … I am here for you.


Rich Bluni, an amazing Studer Group Speaker, during his incredible keynote shared, “Lead with your heart and you will find your mind”. (Thank you, Rich!)

And I believe Rich is right.


Each day:

Lead, Serve, Love
All ways
and be Grateful.
For doing so connects each of us at a Heart Level.
And with our Heart Connection … we can accomplish anything … together.

Thank you for thinking of me my dear colleague.


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