Transporting the heart of healthcare

171220 healthy-heart

“I will stay with you the entire journey. I will be with you all the way to your room. And yes, we are friends. In fact, when we arrive at your room, I will write my name and your name and the word “friends” on a piece a paper so you will always remember.”

This was an interaction that I became aware of recently between an individual in transport at a local hospital and a nervous patient.

And in case you were wondering … this is the heart of healthcare. In fact, this is healthCARING.

This interaction between two people is the humanity in healthcare so essential to well-being … be it a person on a healing journey or a dying journey. And often overlooked.

Does the healthcare system have great opportunity to improve? Yes.


When we open our hearts and our eyes we will find flames of goodness throughout the system in which to fan for the betterment of all.

Thank you to everyone who each and everyday brings their heart, mind and soul and shares each during every healthcare encounter. Please know, you make a difference.

After hearing of this human connection, a terrific CNO shared, “this is what healthcare is all about.”


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171220 heart of healthcare

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