The power of circle in baseball, healthcare and more

The Big Kid and Basketball

Emily Gillies, a baseball coach and recent learner of the Circle Way, saw an opportunity to teach more than balls and strikes to the boys and girls she coached …

Calling the players to join me at the pitcher’s mound, we established our impromptu center by putting our gloves in the middle.

NOTE: As the leader of a non-profit research institute and innovation lab we used CIRCLE PROCESS as one of our means to instill connection throughout our organization.

SEE: True North featured in new book, ‘The Circle Way: A Leader in Every Chair’


Emily continued …

Realizing the opportunity for team-building, and wanting to acknowledge the “elephant” of being a losing team, I firmly believed we should start with a circle conversation and not the usual coach-led explanation of rules and game-play procedures.


From Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea of PeerSpirit

The CIRCLE is an ancient form of meeting…

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