Do you feel alone as a Servant Leader in your organization?


Are you connecting both heart and mind as a leader?
Are you focusing on your mission and vision while living your values?
Are you caring for and about your team and all those you serve?
Are you leading – serving – loving each and every day?
Are you a servant leader?

And are you facing the challenges of doing so within a system that does not embrace this style of leadership?

From … 170622 veteranflag

“The civilian workplace is certainly filled with competition, threats, challenges and competing personal agendas.”

… with many gravitating to the ‘bulldog manager‘ approach to leadership.

And yet … even though many believe the military embraces the ‘bulldog’ …

(from a 2009 Harvard Business Review article) … “military leadership is based on a concept of duty, service, and self-sacrifice.”

Yes, servant leadership.

Servant leaders believe that if you create the right values and culture normal people will do extraordinary things.

And if this is your belief … please know, you are not alone.

Stay the course. Keep leading and serving. Keep loving. Keep caring. Keep honoring. Keep impacting.

Its worth it.



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