Achieve Impact with Character and Love

“We have high character guys who love to play.”

Porter Moser, Coach, Loyola University Chicago.

180316 character

Having played basketball all my life (how could I not, being named after Tommy Heinsohn of the Boston Celtics) and coaching ballplayers from the ages of 8 through 18 for many years, this time of year is very exciting to me – MARCH MADNESS.

And it was this morning, as I was preparing for another day of impactful work in the healthcare world, that I heard the quote above by Porter Moser after his team, Loyola University Chicago (underdog – number 11 seed) defeated the University of Miami (number 6 seed) — and it did so resonate.

Recently, a brilliant colleague and I were discussing the wide-variety of healthcare reimbursement models, the intentions of each, pluses and minuses, and the overall impact … and believe it or not … Moser’s quote aligned with my current thinking on this very subject.

Now — as a former CFO, Vice President of Strategy, and creator and senior leader over an Informatics shop within a large healthcare organization — I LOVE a good finance and reimbursement model.

Yet … and this is where the quote above …

We have high character guys who love to play.

… aligns so very well.

In healthcare …

  • if we truly want to lead and serve and love our patients and families, our doctors and nurses and staff, our communities …
  • if we truly want to achieve zero harm for all we serve …
  • if we truly want to engage our teams …
  • if we truly want to bring peace to all as they follow their healing or dying journey …
  • if we truly want to impact this world for the better …
  • if we truly want to honor our Missions as we strive for our Visions and live our Values …

… what we really need is high character men and women (high integrity), engaging heart and mind, collaborating, and loving to play (finding joy in their role).

Each and every healthcare reimbursement model can lead to good AND can lead to harm.

Each can be leveraged to achieve positive impact and each can be manipulated to achieve the opposite.

It is less about the model and more about the character and integrity of all of us within the system and the decisions we make and the actions we take.

Want to improve the healthcare system for the benefit of all …

Engage (and continuously re-engage) high character men and women who love leading and serving others regardless of the reimbursement model for the betterment of All.

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