Together we can and we will be strong

“You’re a good man with a good heart. And it’s hard for a good man to be king.”

— King T’Chaka, Black Panther

180328 To be a king

It is also hard for a good-hearted man or woman to lead an organization (and to lead within an organization).

Its hard to be courageous and share one’s heart. To be vulnerable. To share one’s ‘why’. To care.

Especially if your organization does not embrace this form of leadership.

Especially if your organization has lost its way.

But know … you are not alone. There are many good-hearted men and women leaders.

Each with great courage.

Each facing their fear — and running toward the roar.

Each not allowing financial and other pressures (other fears) to move them off their True North. To move them away from their Mission and Vision. To prevent them from role modeling their values.

No. These good-hearted men and women each day are honoring their values and doing great good for others.

Don’t let fear prevent you from being your full self.

Don’t let the outside pressures change who you are.

Because …

Together we can and we will be strong — for all those we lead and serve.

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