Spotlight – Heart Centered Leader

180630 viewpoint_healthcareWhen I was first approached and asked if it was okay to be “spotlighted”, I was honored and yet at the same time concerned that a focus on me would take away from the incredible work of our amazing team. Both And.

Then a trusted advisor shared, “Your message will bring additional light to the needs of our veterans. This is not about you. This is about them.”


Federal Spotlight – Tom Dahlborg, “Heart Centered Leader”

Thomas Dahlborg, Account Leader and Coach

160202 Headshot_colorOver the past year, I have been blessed to engage in the military health care space under the dedicated leadership of an amazing colleague, Cara Dake. Much of the focus has been on teaching and coaching heart and mind communication aka Studer Group’s AIDET Plus the Promise℠. The process has been challenging and oh so rewarding. Both And.


Working in this space has been such a blessing. But as I am sure many have experienced, there are times when you are physically and mentally drained after sharing all you have. On one of these days, as I was packing up after a full day of trainings and validations, a veteran returned to the room in which I had been teaching. He was a major I believe, who had retired from the Air Force, and was now working at this healthcare organization to (in his words) “ensure my brothers and sisters in arms receive great care.” And he shared the following: 

“Tom, what you do … You share love. And that is what we need. Thank you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for your teaching and coaching. And most important, thank you for exuding love.”

Studer Group is an amazing organization which allows us to share brilliant tactics and impactful strategies. To teach and to coach. To contribute to and witness the changes in the organizations we serve. To love.

Studer Group positions us to share love with those who need us. And according to the Major, love is exactly what military health care truly needs.


Read more BELOW about Tom’s experience in the Federal Market.

Tom, we thank you for all that you do for our veterans, Huron, and for Studer Group!



Federal Newsletter Spotlight – Tom Dahlborg – continued


* How do you keep a healthy work/life balance?

180630 Me and GabeLove. Love of this ministry we are blessed to serve — improving care for all and especially our veterans and their families. Love of my family. Love of my pup. Love of my colleagues. With love there is no longer work vs life. It is all about love.




* Tell us about a mentor that has helped you get where you are today?

Jack O’Connor was my manager years ago at Harvard Community Health Plan. He saw potential in me to present on stage. And as part of my professional development he sent me to Presentation Training. Years later, when I joined Studer Group, like others I went through additional speaker training and since that time have been blessed to present two 10 Minutes that Count at Studer Group conferences, the first on Individualized Patient Care and the second on Heart-centered Leadership, and a key note also focused on the importance of Individualizing Patient Care to achieve better outcomes. And now each month I am blessed to present heart and mind communication to leaders and their teams at VA partners which is better positioning each to honor their callings and best serve the veterans and families they are blessed to care for and care about. Without Jack taking an interest in me and positioning me to learn and grow, I don’t believe I would be in the position I am now to serve others. I am most grateful for Jack’s leadership, caring, and investment in me.

* What do you like most about working with the Federal team?

I love the Federal team. The people. Each dedicated and seeking to expand our opportunities to lead and serve in key areas close to my heart, e.g., Military Health Care. Each dedicated to ensure that what we deliver has optimal impact on all those we serve. Each internal call, each external call, each time we engage inspires as together we create a community of caring that will transform organizations and provide optimal care for veterans as they continue on their healing (or dying) journey. We share a ministry. And this shared ministry is making a difference for others.

* What has been your favorite federal engagement to work with and why?

Working with the VA’s has been my favorite federal engagement to date. First of all, we have an incredible team. Each member brilliant. Each dedicated to impact. Each caring – for one another and for our partners. We also have engaged partners with a keen interest in continuously improving care provision for veterans and families and a belief in our approach and in our partnership. Each time I arrive at a VA and walk the hallways, leaders and frontline staff share much gratitude for what they have learned and how they can apply these learnings to help their veterans and families. And that is powerful.

Now add to that, the following experience from a recent visit to a VA partner:

As I enter a hospital elevator early one morning …

An older woman walks on behind me.

I ask her which floor she is heading to and then press the button.

And we talk a bit.

And as I arrive at my floor … she says …

“Your smile this morning is going to get me through the tough battles I am to face today.”

I get to live our 10/5 rule each day and witness the impact. And the impact at each VA has truly touched my heart and inspired me to want to do even more.

* What is on your wish list for the next 2 years for the Federal team?

Leveraging our current successes to expand our impact within the military health care space. As a former COO of a military health care organization, I have seen the flames of goodness within military health care, which we must continue to fan, and also great opportunities for us to further engage and spur transformational change for the betterment of our veterans and their families.

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