To Help – To Lead – To Serve

180722 poetry

I am blessed with the opportunity to teach heart and mind communication to healthcare leaders, physicians, nurses and staff across the country.

Communication which leads to improved patient safety, employee safety, experience, satisfaction, quality, clinical and non-clinical outcomes plus better engagement, activation, ownership, connection. Communication which brings humanity, compassion, kindness, clarity, understanding back into healthcare.

And it is when I am teaching these folks within the military healthcare system especially that I am continuously humbled.

Recently, after I taught a specific session, a healthcare leader (we are all leaders) approached me and shared two poems he had written and said, “Tom, your message touched me, thank you. And I want you to have these. These are two poems I had written with a similar intent. To bring us all together, to help, to lead and to serve others.”

In honor of my new friend, Constantine Gus Pertides (the author) I am attaching his two poems:


180722 Poem3

180722 Poem2

And, You Tell On Yourself

180722 Poem4


Thank you, Constantine. Your generosity, your caring, your leadership ripples throughout healthcare and beyond.

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