Burpees for Vets / Veteran Suicide


180507 22

At Studer Group / Huron for the past few months many of us have begun what we are calling “Burpees for Vets” (follow the link for the ‘why’) where each of us commits to performing a certain number of burpees each day as we reflect on all our veterans (NOTE: many of our team members are veterans) and what they have done for all of us.

Such an inspiration.

We provide updates, we have created a community of caring, the energy is positive and catchy, the engagement across the entire organization is tangible, and the healthy driving for outcomes is impacting each of us.

A quick note … when I perform my burpees for vets at the gym, I tend to wear my ‘22’. And what a wonderful opportunity to engage and impact even further.

22 veterans are committing suicide per day

And today, I refect on the blessing to be part of the Studer Group / Huron ‘Burpees for Vets‘ community AND the blessing …

  • To have the opportunity to inform others about the veteran suicide epidemic (because the 22 often elicits questions),
  • To share gratitude for veterans and families (as veterans and family members also make note),
  • and, to tell the story of Studer Group and Huron and all we do personally and professionally to care for and care about veterans and families …

… all connected to PURPOSE – The Why – Our Why.

What a blessing we each have to help others.

I am so grateful to Studer Group / Huron and our iMatters – Veterans team for this community of heart and mind / leadership and service – for those who have given so very much.

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