Wisdom essential for impact

180726 Wisdom

As I travel around the country, more and more individuals have made note of “data driven” decision-making and how this is eliminating the human factor (humanity), creating barriers to care (caring), and leading to harm (patient and family harm, physicians-nurses-leaders-frontline staff harm, key initiatives failing which could have benefited others, and more).

Doctors, nurses, clinical and non-clinical leaders, patients, families, front line staff have all made note and are sharing their concern (voices).

Having created and led Informatics in the healthcare space, I truly understand the power of data. I also understand its limitations.

We must move from sole reliance on data-driven decision making to wisdom-driven decision making.

Wisdom – balancing heart and mind, married to honor, through the lens of being of service to others and doing good works with love. (W.I.L.L.)

Want true and profound impact? It requires all of us. It requires wisdom.

Data alone limits us.

Data alone harms.

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