We don’t touch them all … but we touch many.

My week teaching heart and mind communication …

Yesterday a physician said, “We need this. We need this to build our teams so we keep patients safe.”

Tuesday an individual from finance said, “I have been to the Disney Institute. This message is better.”

This morning …

… as I walked into a hospital a greeter who attended a class Tuesday got up and hugged me and said, “thank you.”

… a person collecting wheelchairs who had been in the class earlier this week and today was in the parking lot walked over and shook my hand and said “bless you”.

… another person (an older vet) who had also been in a class this week saw me from behind as I was getting a coffee and made sure to touch my shoulder, smile, shake my hand, and say “good morning.”

… a social worker, a nurse, an engineer, a police officer letting me know they made a new friend and “thank you”.

The message of heart and mind communication is impacting people. Is having an impact.

We don’t touch them all and yet we are creating a ripple that with love and caring, with leadership and service, with heart and mind will continue to spread.

These days are hard. Very hard. And they are worth it. We don’t touch them all … but we touch many.

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