Bringing humanity into military healthcare


Often I sit in the lobby of hospitals listening, observing, and on occasion talking.

You can learn much about a hospital and its culture in doing so.

One morning, as I was doing so, a veteran began to share his healthcare story…

“I recently had surgery here. … Guess what happened during my recuperation.” ”

What happened during your recuperation?”

“A few days after I got home, I received a card.”

“A card?”

“Yes, a card. A card from my entire surgical team. … Each member of my team wrote me a message on my card. And they all signed it.”

And then before I could respond he added …

“They brought humanity into my healing.”


Over many years I have been blessed to work with and for veterans. And it never fails to touch my heart when I hear a story of compassion, caring (healthCARING) — of bringing humanity back into healthcare (and yes, this veteran said it before I could).

God bless all those who truly care for veterans and families. You are truly making an impact.


Honoring Veterans as We Do our Flag








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