PFAC MONDAY MEMO: Continuously learn

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Hubris is excessive pride (one of the 7-deadly sins) aka excessive self-confidence.
It is also deemed the devil’s most prominent trait.

And it is also a key downfall of many a leader and many an organization.

Have you ever thought or said …

  • “I have done this for many years, I know what is best!”
  • “We can’t afford to fund continuously learning. We have higher priorities, we know enough and are good enough.”
  • “I have seen it all before. I know what to do.”

As leaders, not only must we continuously learn, we must also position our teams to do the same.

NOTE: This is especially important for we healthcare leaders. Lives depend on it!


Specific to Patient and Family Advisory Councils

My good friend (and brilliant and heart-centered inspirational leader) Libby Hoy and her wonderful and impactful organization PFCCpartners offered a terrific webinar that I know provided me with terrific continuous learning.

One of many key takeaways for me is …

Create opportunities for your PFAC members to be Reflective rather than Reflexive.

“Reflective means to give due consideration to something, to ponder, think and reflect on it. Reflexive is to act without thinking, in essence it is to react, which is the exact opposite.”

Brilliant and impactful.


To learn more about PFCCpartners please follow this LINK.


I very much look forward to continuing to learn much with you all from Libby, Lindsey and PFCCpartners.

Together we will engage patients and families and improve healthcare for all.



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