COACHING TIP TUESDAY: Rebound to achieve greatness

190416 Pat Summitt



“To rebound really well one must learn to BOX OUT.  Sexy? No. Grunt work? Perhaps.  And yet, vital to a successful team at any level.”
–  The Big Kid and Basketball

In healthcare … as leaders (as coaches) …

We must create the systems which position our teams to …

  • Implement the appropriate brand new technology, build the necessary new building, acquire the new physician practice, add the new center of excellence, market all of the above [OFFENSE]
  • Provide high-quality evidence-based services, leverage impactful process improvement strategies, become highly reliable [DEFENSE]

And yet, it is our [REBOUNDING] … our ability to …

  • Treat our patients and families, and our physicians, nurses and all staff, with dignity and respect
  • Live integrity in all we do – when people are watching and when they are not
  • Breathe compassion into the life force of our team, of our organization
  • Lead with heart – lead with love

… that will truly position ourselves and our teams to honor our calling, to honor our mission.

Often I will say it is “BOTH AND” as opposed to “EITHER OR”.

In this case, it is … ALL OF THE ABOVE with REBOUNDING truly positioning us to achieve greatness.





190416 Coaching Tip


For a basketball team to win a championship — it must REBOUND.

For a healthcare organization to honor all those it is blessed to care for and care about — it too must REBOUND.

And to REBOUND, as leaders, we must lead with LOVE.



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