COACHING TIP TUESDAY: Create opportunities for love

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Having coached both young men in basketball and also doctors, nurses and other leaders in healthcare for many many years, over time I learned a thing or two.

And one of those things I learned while coaching on the hardcourt, that I subsequently brought to healthcare, was to …

… identify and fan the flame of good in each of your players

… and by doing so, together create paths to excellence in all aspects of a player’s game.

I had one player who truly loved being on our team. Was he a naturally gifted athlete? No. And yet, he became a key player on our team for lots of reasons with one of them being …

We identified what he did incredibly well — for him it was ripping the ball away from the other team — then recognized him for this skill he developed (even going so far as to creating a nickname with him — Mr. Rip It),

We also asked him to demonstrate this skill often and to become a mentor for other players as they tried to develop this important skill.

And in doing so, not only did this player become the best Rip It forward in the league …

… he also grew in all other aspects of his game — because he knew he was making an impact, he knew he was appreciated, and he knew he was loved — and he helped each teammate and our entire team learn, grow and improve.




190423 Coaching Tip_Love


Want to position each team member (basketball or healthcare) for success … find opportunities for love … and then love them authentically in word and in action with all of your heart and soul.



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