COACHING TIP TUESDAY: Leadership Humanity

Often our sole focus as leaders (as coaches) is on tactic, technique, process, performance, accountability.

We miss the foundational aspects of leadership as we keenly seek achievement.

And this limits us and our teams.

190507 Robot

Our teams are not made up of robots.

They are not machines.

They are people.


People with hearts, emotions, fears, concerns … and also great courage, skill, intellect, caring, bravery, vulnerability and so much more.



As leaders (as coaches) it is incumbent upon us to tap into our own emotional intelligence, to honor the humanity of our teams and to also understand the difference between system issues and people issues (see Deming 94/6 rule) and be in action accordingly.

How often do we move toward punitive action with an individual when the reality is they were actually performing brilliantly within a broken system of our making?

It is essential we care, we encourage and we love our teams.

That we instill joy and we create cohesive high functioning teams based on safety, relationship and trust — high-level teamness.



190507 Coaching Tip

When we do … all benefit, all achieve, all perform, all impact.

And when we don’t … we do great harm. And that is something none of us want to do.




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