PFAC MONDAY MEMO: Defer to Expertise – Part II

First … Thank you all for your feedback relative to the PFAC Monday Memos. I am so pleased that they have both resonated and have been helpful. Sharing these memos these past many weeks and receiving your feedback and witnessing your engagement has been a complete joy and inspiring.

Second … Thank you for all you are doing to engage patients and families in improving healthcare for all. We continue to move patient and family engagement out of the marketing department (noting that yes, improving in this area will position us to grow our organizations) and into the world of quality and experience.

190503 HRO-whitepaper-blog-main-1

In our last PFAC Monday Memo we focused on the 5th principle of high reliability organizations …

Principle #5:  Deference to Expertise


Expertise, rather than authority, takes precedence in an HRO. When we are seeking optimal safety, experience, improvement, quality, impact (and doing so especially within a complex adaptive system such as a hospital) on-the-ground subject matter experts are essential for situational assessment and response.

Who knows the patient better than the patient and family?

Who knows the patient and family experience better than patients and families?

(Seems obvious and yet how often do we “experts” try to answer these questions without truly engaging and listening to understand our patients and families?)

Patients and families are the subject matter experts whom we as healthcare leaders must engage to ensure our organizations become Highly Reliable.


PFAC MONDAY MEMO: Defer to Expertise – Part II

There are also amazing organizations, tools and resources (additional EXPERTISE) available to you and your organization as you seek to further engage your patients and families and develop and/or improve your PFAC.

Organizations such as:

190513 pfccp_web.jpg

Mission Statement:

Partner with healthcare organizations and the public to provide a collaborative learning community where the sharing of proven methods, successes, and challenges will guide the development of sustainable Patient Family engagement structures across the healthcare continuum.

Vision statement:

Reinvent the healthcare industry so that hospitals, healthcare organizations and stakeholders continuously partner with empowered patients and families as a resource in the co-design of programs, policies, and quality improvement activities.

To learn more about PFCCpartners, please contact Libby Hoy, Founder/CEO directly at Libby (and her team) combine huge hearts with strategic and brilliant thinking to best position organizations for optimal engagement and impact.


There are also resources and tools available to you.

Resources and tools available at organizations such as:

190513 Healthcare for all

Mission Statement:

Health Care For All advocates for health justice in Massachusetts by working to promote health equity and ensure coverage and access for all.

Vision Statement:

Everyone in Massachusetts has the equitable, affordable, and comprehensive care they need to be healthy.

Here is a LINK to a plethora of very helpful PFAC Resources and Tools from this terrific organization.


And of course, I am also available to you at:


If you have any questions and/or need support in the area of patient and family engagement and PFAC creation, evolution, improvement, impact … you can contact me, Thomas Dahlborg, here:

And HERE is where you will find all of the PFAC Monday Memos for your reference.


Thank you again for engaging patients and families as you seek to improve healthcare for all.

It is not only the right thing to do … it is the correct thing to do.

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