gallery “When given a chance to have a positive impact on a young persons life, take it!”

The Big Kid and Basketball

AUTHOR+PHOTO“When you listen to what Thomas Dahlborg has experienced through coaching, you can’t help but feel that this guy gets the ‘it’ of youth sport coaching. When a coach agrees to take the clipboard and whistle, the easy part is the playmaking and training of players to be in the right place at the right time in the game to achieve success. The real story of being a coach, however, is to experience the player as a whole person. What’s going on in their lives outside of practice and games? How can a coach be a mentor to a kid that is struggling with pressures of divorce at home or with being bullied at school? Tom has put all of this together in his recent book “The Big Kid and Basketball …“.

And when Tom presents he will make you feel good knowing that when…

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