Bringing Healthcare’s PFAC Best Practice to Youth Sports and Athletics

The Big Kid and Basketball

In healthcare they are known as PFACs (Patient and Family Advisory Councils) and they are a Best Practice which serve to improve quality, safety, experience, engagement, outcomes, satisfaction and cost for parents and families, they help to create community and they are a key in making the healthcare system itself better for all.

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But PFACs are not only for healthcare.

With a slight modification, PFACs (Player and Family Advisory Councils developed through TBKid (a division of DHLG)) when done well will have similar impact in Youth Sports Leagues and Athletic Associations.

190524 Youth-Sports-League-Banner.png

PFAC Benefits – Youth Sports Leagues and Athletic Associations

  • Provides an effective mechanism for receiving player and family insights and wisdom and prioritizing opportunities to leverage same for league improvement
  • Aligns strategies, tactics, actions with the services and needs most important to players and families
  • Leads to the development of programs, offerings, services…

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