We excel ONLY when people who CARE ABOUT US tell us …

190530 feedback civility.jpg

“We humans … excel ONLY when people who know us and CARE ABOUT US tell us what they experience and what they feel, and in particular when they SEE SOMETHING WITHIN US that really works.”

– The Feedback Fallacy (follow LINK)

190530 Sean E Mahar.jpegRecently, Sean E. Mahar generously shared with me wisdom from his forthcoming book  …

“Feedback was consistently described as something that leaders have the responsibility to supply to employees, something they dispense with the aim of either rewarding or correcting behavior. The underlying assumption here is both pervasive and wrong—that employees will not know if they are doing good or bad work unless their leader tells them so.”

And …

“Feedback is everywhere if we know where to look for it. Learning to recognize naturally occurring feedback—and to take responsibility for using it to improve our performance—should be our goal.”

And …

“Conscious leaders behave differently, and ask: ‘How might I be contributing to my employees’ performance, productivity, customer/patient service and experience?’”

[Notice the systems thinking and Deming 94/6 rule?]

Feedback is often touted as the panacea of accountability and improvement and yet current approaches harm.

Whether we are leading and coaching teams in healthcare or sports team … we must apply these new learnings and do better for the betterment of others.




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