The (healthcare) book update …

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Almost four years ago to the day, I wrote …

After many months of soul searching and discussions with my family, I notified my boss that I would be leaving the National Institute for Children’s Health Quality (NICHQ … an amazing organization improving the health of children throughout the country.)

My passion is the creation of healthcare models where relationship centered and compassionate care is provided with a keen focus on patient safety, quality, caring, patient & family engagement and optimal outcomes.

For a number of years people have asked me to write a book (most recently as I was being interviewed for a book on leadership the author stopped the interview and said “you must write your book”).

So long story short, I have decided to focus the next year on writing my book (draft title: “From Heart to Head and Back Again … a journey through the healthcare system”). I will also continue to speak nationally, serve on boards, and consult and yet intention is to truly focus on the book.

My family and I are looking forward to partaking in this new adventure together and if you are in the mind and heart to do so would also appreciate your prayers as we follow this new path.

With much gratitude …


And here we are today (again four years later).

The book is written and edited and early feedback is terrific (and so appreciated) …

Every so often you read a book that really makes you think. Also, every so often, you meet a person that really makes you think. It is a lucky and rare blessing to combine the two. Thomas’s book is one of those rare books that not only makes you think but also makes you feel.

I know Thomas and consider him a friend. Thomas is the kind of guy that when you spend five minutes with him you feel infinitely better about yourself. So how cool is it that he wrote a book? Now you can spend a few hours reading his book and walk away not only feeling better but being better.

You will walk away from this book knowing more, feeling more and wanting to be more. I can’t recommend this book highly enough. We need a book like this these days. I wish there were more people like Thomas in this world.

Enjoy. Learn. Your heart will thank you.

   – Rich Bluni, The Inspired Nurse


Tom shares the story of his compelling journey through our broken healthcare system, inspiring a call to action for those of us who want to make healthcare all about health and caring.  I can think of no better person than Tom to inspire us to this great calling with a keen sense of urgency and compassion, connecting head and heart to truly make a difference in the lives of patients.

Mark Hussey, President & COO, Huron


Through his courageous vulnerability and terrific storytelling, Tom successfully takes us on his journey through the healthcare system as both a patient and a leader, exposing flames of good within the system to be fanned and areas in which only together can we improve. His style is familiar (like an old friend), his insights brilliant, and his call to action one we all must heed. Join Tom on his journey and together let’s improve the healthcare system for all.

Jackie Gaines, Studer Group, “Author of Believing You Can Fly”


And to this day, many people continue to ask, “Tom, when is your healthcare book going to be published?” “Tom, when can I read your book?” “Tom, where can I buy your book?”

First – Thank you all. Your interest and enthusiasm for this book project is so wonderful and I am so grateful. It truly is so close to my heart.

Second – It is amazing what happens in this life we all live. How God (or Fate or Destiny or Need or the Divine or the Universe) alters the plans we believe we lay out so perfectly for ourselves.

You see, throughout this time period, and actually even before, I had been journaling about my family’s experience with bullying — with a keen focus on my son Tommy and the bullying he experienced at the hands of adults.

42% of children report being bullied by coaches and physical education teachers

And with Tommy’s permission, some years ago I turned that journal into a blog series and then in the Fall of 2018 there was a sentinel event and I knew I needed to publish the book The Big Kid and Basketball … and the lessons he taught his Father and Coach at that time (and thus prior to publishing my healthcare book).

The book is about more than just coaching basketball, it sheds a lot of much needed light on the destructive effects of bullying. As one who was viciously bullied all throughout my own youth, by both peers and coaches, as I read, I kept saying to myself ‘I really needed a Coach Dahlborg when I was young.’

Marc Richardson, Parent and former Youth Athlete

And I am so glad I did …

The outpouring from children and adults who have been bullied, examples of the acute and longitudinal impact they have shared, the tools and resources available to help, the songs and poems and blogs they have written, the caring and dedicated people leading and serving and addressing this challenge, and the love shared by all has filled my heart.

This book has also provided me with great opportunity to share the stop bullying and other keen messages of The Big Kid and Basketball at speaking engagements, book signings, book readings, on television, via podcasts, newspaper articles, via one on one coaching sessions and so many more.


So long story short … (if possible at this point) …

I am so grateful for all the continued enthusiasm and interest in my book “From Heart to Head and Back Again … a journey through the healthcare system”.

My intention at this point is to publish this book in 2020.

To read more about the writing journey please follow this LINK


I am also so grateful for all those who have engaged and continue to engage to stop bullying. You each inspire me each and every day.

To contact me regarding bullying please follow this LINK


Thank you all! Bless you and all you do to help others.










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