This is not patient centric care … this is revenue centric care.

190613 continuity of care
A good friend’s primary care physician decided to leave his current practice to practice at another organization.
When calling to make an appointment with this doctor, my friend was informed that her physician was no longer available. When she asked for more information …
  • No additional information was shared.
  • No forwarding address.
  • No new phone number.
  • No empathy.
There was …
  • No focus on continuity of care.
  • No focus on quality.
  • No thought about safety.
  • No desire to ensure the patient – doctor relationship was maintained.
  • No caring and compassion for the patient (nor the doctor).
A month or so later my friend learns that her physician moved to a practice on the other side of her town. She was told that he was not permitted to inform his patients about the change because his former practice wanted to keep within their organization “as many of his patients as possible to minimize loss of revenue”.
This is an example of the brokenness of the healthcare system.
This is not patient centered care…this is revenue centric care.
My friend has significant health challenges she is working through and to have this unnecessary barrier to her receiving high quality care in order to maximize financial impact is wrong and harmful.
We can and must do better.

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