COACHING TIP TUESDAY: Lean into the tough times

190709 Alex-Morgan-AP

Life is a journey. A series of mountains summited and valleys explored.

Often we seek ease. And yet it is not the ease of times that lead to paradigm changing growth. It is the tough times. The down times. The times that when we manage effectively build our resilience and make us stronger and better in all ways.

Be we a leader – a coach – a teammate – a community member – it is these hard times that drive us to improve.


* The times of ease are essential too. This is when we also build our resilience as we allow our mind, body, soul to rest.
* Tough times provide many a lesson. One key lesson is how these times highlight for us who our true and authentic support system really is. Who is there for us when we are hurting. Who truly cares. Who truly loves us for us.

Don’t avoid the tough times. Embrace them. Breathe into them. Lean into them. Learn (in many ways) and grow. And be sure to love and care for self (and others) during these times as we hope others will love and care for us.

190709 Coaching Tip

And when you arrive on the other side of the tough time … be grateful, thank those who supported you and then help others as they face these same (and different) challenges.





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