COACHING TIP TUESDAY: Listening improves with positive feedback


As humans we are hardwired to fix things. We see something broken and we want to fix it immediately. We see a team member not optimally performing a task, be it on the hardcourt or in a hospital, we immediately want to highlight the flaw, the area to improve, correct, educate, teach, coach — aka — fix.

And yet, when we immediately go for the fix we actually hinder improvement. We disengage our team members. They stop listening. We make things worse.

If we truly want positive impact … and that is what it is all about — IMPACT — we must find an appropriate balance where we recognize each and every day the positives our team members are contributing, let them know we are grateful AND when appropriate help them address areas of opportunity.

This approach leads to optimal performance improvement. Optimal IMPACT.

190831 Coaching Tip_Listening

NOTE: Life and death areas for improvement — GO FOR THE FIX IMMEDIATELY. (Hopefully goes without saying.)






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