As we too heal … a story of a patient family advisor

“Tom, if I quit I am quitting on my son. I am quitting on my community.”

Alejandro’s son was admitted to the intensive care unit of a local hospital. For bureaucratic (aka bizarre) reasons Alejandro was not allowed to be with his son in the hospital. He did not know if his son would live or die. He was not allowed to hold his son. Touch his son. Talk to his son. His son was alone. And so was Alejandro.

“Over time my son was healed … as was I.”

Not being with his son when his son needed him most hurt Alejandro deeply and that hurt became anger.

“I was healed with great support from many. My anger, my hurt … my heart was healed. And now I am whole again and will ensure that no other family will go through what I did.”

Alejandro explained further why he volunteers as a Patient Family Advisor (PFA) at the hospital where his greatest hurt was realized.

“We need to help people. We need to have a good heart. We need to educate people. We are here for them. I am here for them. I don’t want anyone to feel alone or to be alone. My work ethic and my love keeps me on this journey.”

Be it a hospital, a school, a workplace, a home … many people feel alone. Many people are alone. Some choose to be on occasion. Others are pushed into aloneness by bizarre rules with unintended (or intended) consequences.

Alejandro wrapped up our discussion with the following simple and powerful message, “I am going to stay and help others.”

Let’s all learn the lesson Alejandro is sharing and let’s “stay and help others.”

In doing so, we will help them heal … as we too heal.


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